Friday, January 01, 2010

Another year

I just reread my new-year's resolution from last year. It was pretty simple: finish a novel, no matter how bad. I didn't, and I have no good excuse. I've got a few bad excuses, of course. At the top of that list, I lost my part-time guy at work this year, and I worked an inordinate amount of unpaid overtime. This was a real problem; not only does the extra work cut into my writing time, it can leave me with very little mental energy to write. December was particularly bad. The first three weeks of the month, I had around 90 hours of unpaid overtime....

So, I'm planning on continuing last year's resolution: finish a novel. I've got a few much more minor plans: exercise regularly, take a real vacation, clean and organize the basement. But finishing the novel is the big one. Wish me luck.

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Luke said...

Nice to see you posting again!