Sunday, July 05, 2009

A short vacation!

Laura and I have an entire weekend off together! Woo hoo! So, in celebration,we've decided to spend the weekend doing absolutely nothing! Woo hoo!

Okay, not absolutely nothing. We're cooking yummy meals, and we're cleaning the house a bit, and we're reading, and we're napping. But other than that, no real plans of any kind. We've each finished a book, and I've made breakfast both days, and she's made dinner. It rained all day yesterday, but the weather didn't stop our neighbors from the usual Independence Day displays with big airburst fireworks and the traditional celebratory small-arms fire. Our neighbors just down the street put on an impressive fireworks show, with a few hours of mortar-launched fireworks. Maybe the highlight of the show was when a police car came roaring down the street; he was going too fast to see the mortar launcher (basically, a 16" piece of iron pipe welded to a steel base, with a cinder block as ballast) in the middle of the street, or at least to avoid it. It sounded like it did some damage to his undercarriage. He stopped and got out of the car (Laura: "oops! Now we get to see some real fireworks!"), checked for damage, then took off again. We complain often about the police not actually enforcing the law in our neighborhood, but I'm glad they're ignoring the fireworks laws. That is, I'd be irritated if they don't send a car for gunshots or wild dogs, but stopped people from holding private fireworks displays....

Gotta mention, we spent last night on the porch in fleece jackets. In early July. Weird.

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