Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cabaret: Nina Simone tribute

This weekend, the Cabaret at the Connoisseur Room features Pauline Jean, in town from New York to perform her Nina Simone tribute show. I'm psyched about the performance; not only was I impressed with the Pauline Jean clips I caught on YouTube, I can't say enough about the reinvented Cabaret. It's everything a cabaret should be: the atmosphere is perfect, the bar is everything you need, the menu is light and snacky. It's an intimate space, with no bad seats in the entire house. They do real cabaret-style shows, which is nothing like the ACT I worked for fifteen years ago. And, it's well managed, which is also a radical departure; in the Claude days, I often got the feeling I should be wearing a wire when I talked to the people in charge....

But that's a long set of sordid stories, none of which apply to the new Cabaret. I'm happy to be moonlighting for them, and I'm impressed with their professionalism, their style, and the extremely high quality of their performances. So if you're free and feeling like a good show, check it out this weekend!

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