Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Internet-free days

No, our ISP didn't crash. I just spent two days with no internet. I'm trying to take a day or two every week and spend it anywhere but online. It's too easy for me to sink time on le web; I'll be writing something, decide I need a fact of some sort, and go to Wikipedia or hit Google to gain some knowledge, and it's suddenly two hours later and I haven't gotten any writing done. What I did accomplish was Olympic-level link-jumping. So I'm just taking a day or two when I turn off the wifi and write. If I need to look something up, I make a note and look it up later. It's amazing how many ways I can find to waste time online.

The worst are the ones that seem somehow writerly: reading author blogs, reading fanfic or online fiction, hitting the random button on the tvtropes wiki for story ideas, things like that.
It feels like I'm being writing-focused, but without producing any finished work. I'm trying to severely limit my diet of this writing-ish activity. And a few luddite days helps a lot.

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