Friday, May 08, 2009

Failed writing experiment

I have a tendency to rewrite while I write. I don't think this is necessarily bad; it makes my draft-zero text more readable than it would be otherwise, and if I change something important it's good to go back and change it in earlier paragraphs too -- if someone's floor changes from hardwoods to carpet, I need to correct that while it's still in my head, or make a note. But, in general, I'm working on finishing more text, even if it's not as polished. I don't know if this'll be my finished writing style, but it's a teaching tool for now, getting me in the habit of making lots words appear on the page rather than making the words perfect (ideally perfect; at this point in my writing non-career, I'll settle for legible).

So yesterday I played around a bit with writing text I couldn't edit. I switched my keyboard layout from Dvorak to standard qwerty, then touch-typed in Dvorak. The resulting text looked like gobbledygook until I ran it through a converter to make it readable; until I was finished and converted it, it wasn't even possible to read what I had just written.

This was a bad idea. Turns out, an important part of writing is the ability to read what I just wrote. But it was at least a learning experience....

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