Saturday, April 11, 2009


I heard the apocryphal number that people who say "I don't watch television" in surveys, average 9 hours of television viewing a week. Laura and I don't watch television regularly, and I can prove it: we don't have cable or a satellite dish or an antenna. All of our television comes in the form of DVDs, which we get from the library; in the last year or so, we've seen a few seasons of CSI, she's seen a season of Smallville, and I watched two seasons of CSI: Miami (am I the only one who thinks David Caruso is actually pretty cool?) while Laura was out of town in February and March.

And I just figured out that we haven't turned on the television since she got home. I had unplugged the TV to plug in my electric blanket in the den while she was gone, and I just realized today when I was packing up the electric blanket for the winter that it's still plugged in there. We've gone four weeks, as of today, without realizing the television hasn't been plugged in. I feel so unAmerican....

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Anonymous said...

I agree. Every time I tell someone I like CSI Miami, they all tell me how much they hate David Caruso and they always say something droll about his sunglasses. But hey, he's cool and tough and fun to watch.