Friday, April 03, 2009

Feline auditory acuity

We all know that cats and dogs don't see in the same range that humans do; they can see better in low light, but are largely colorblind. I've recently been wondering if the same thing is true of cats' hearing -- if they can't hear some sounds that people can. I've been using my cats as study subjects and conducting experiments. Here are the results of my observations so far:

Range of hearing
Can opener
Other cats fighting
Bacon wrapper crinkling
"Down!", "Off!"
back door creaking
cat-food can shaking
100 feet
150 feet
200 feet
60 feet
100 feet
60 feet

Nothing scientifically conclusive yet, but it warrants further study.

Oop, gotta go -- I hear a Pringles can opening somewhere....

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