Saturday, April 18, 2009

Another secret to a happy marriage

So, we're all familiar with the more traditional elements that make up a happy marriage: communication, trust, honesty, et cetera. I've got a new one for the list: extremely bad puns. Laura and I engage in bad puns on a regular basis, and I think it strengthens our marriage. As an example, the last song on the radio before we went outside to work in the garden this morning was Tim Curry's "I Do The Rock", which we both find an unaccountably entertaining song. And, after a few minutes of pulling weeds and planting herbs, we had this conversation:

Laura: "I heard that, before Tim Curry was an actor and singer, he worked as a cook in a Chinese restaurant."
Jeff: "Really?"
Laura: "Yeah -- he do the Wok!"
Jeff: "Oh, so that was after he did suspension work at an auto body shop."
Laura: "Really?"
Jeff: "Yeah, he do the Shock!"
Laura: "I heard he was a shepherd for a while, too."
Jeff: "So... he do the Flock?"
Laura: "Yeah!"
Jeff: "I hear he auditioned for a Star Trek movie."
Laura: "You're kidding; he do the Spock? And I heard he was an offensive lineman on his college's football team."
Jeff: "So he can do the Block -- nice one. Didn't he invent the polymer-framed handgun?"

This continued for probably twenty minutes, back and forth. It was amazing how many -ock rhymes we could come up with. And Laura and I are evenly matched in bad-pun skills; we don't have a pun-off often, but when we do, it's a blast.

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