Monday, March 16, 2009

What he said.

Every so often, I'll read something that exactly sums up my feelings on a subject. I just found another one of these, an article by Philip Howard in the Wall Street Journal about how law is killing the American spirit. It's a good read. So go read it now!

It's easy to bash lawyers; they've got even more jokes than musicians (how can you tell there's a singer on your front porch? He can't find the key and doesn't know when to come in!). But this is a legitimate criticism of the general approach to the law in this country, and very well said. The horrible thing about this is, it's a change that can't be reversed. Too many people with too much power would stand to lose too much. And it's a self-generating problem -- law breeds more law, not less.

It's the same reason we won't see real public health care here: too many extremely powerful people would lose too much, and they won't let it happen. Maybe if we get real lobbying reforms to kill the influence of the insurance, medical, and pharmaceutical lobbies, we'll be able to make a start. But it's not going to happen on any reasonable timetable (like, before I hit retirement age).

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