Saturday, March 07, 2009

Staying inside now!

It's a gorgeous day outside: windy, but 65 degrees and sunny. And I decided a walk around the park would be fun. So I put on walk-appropriate clothing and had just stepped out the front door when I heard gunshots from somewhere down the block.

Suddenly it seems like a good time to stay inside and not go for a walk. Maybe I'll read a book or listen for sirens....

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NerfSmuggler said...

Last Fall, I heard shots behind the bank down in the old sand-pit behind my house. My next-door neighbor's grandson and his bride now own the sand-pit, the narrow access drive to it from the road and a few wooded acres adjacent where they built a house.

I wandered back to find the 13 year-old cousin/granddaughter of my neighbors checking the sights on her hunting rifle before deer season started.

Life's different in the country :)