Monday, March 02, 2009

Non-spousally-approved food

When Laura's gone, I make a point of buying non-Laura-approved foods. This time, the day she left I picked up a tub of Cool Whip. I used to love Cool Whip. It was one of my universal foods; I'd make Cool Whip sandwich cookies, pile it on ice cream, dip fruit and vegetables in it. And I just realized that I don't care much for it anymore. This might be Laura's influence. In my pre-Laura days, my choices were Cool Whip and Redi-Whip in the spray can. My preference depended on what I was doing with it; Cool Whip was better for dipping and for cookie sandwiches, but Redi Whip was better for ice cream (plus, Redi-Whip is a member of the Fun Aerosol Foods category, along with spray cheez).

But Laura introduced me to real whipped cream, the kind you make by starting with whipping cream (go figure) and whipping it (go figure). And it's so easy to make -- just dump some cream in the Kitchen Aid, maybe add a little sugar and vanilla, and turn it on. Come back in five minutes, and you've got real whipped cream. The problem is, it doesn't keep well. So whenever you make some, you need to either use it all for the ice cream or pie or whatever, or you need to eat the leftovers with a spoon within an hour or two. I'm using the word "problem" lightly here; being forced to either heap extra whipped cream on your dessert, or to eat leftover whipped cream with a spoon, isn't really traumatic.

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