Friday, March 20, 2009

Nice while it lasted.

Plus side: I've got my Saturn back! Wheels!

Down side: I had it for just over 24 hours before something else went wrong with it.

Monday, I get to take it back to the shop, where they'll replace the alternator. I'm less grouchy about this than I would've expected; I've taken an almost fatalistic approach to the car. When the battery light came on last night on the way home from dinner, I wasn't angry or upset. Nor was I particularly shocked. My reaction was more akin to, "what else is new?".

With luck, I'll get it back in less than two years this time.

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Tina said...

Oh, do it yourself, it's not bad! Rich and I just did the one on his truck in under two hours. :) A few plastic parts come out, the belt comes off, a few bolts come out, one insanely heavy metal heap is replaced with another, and the process is reversed.

I disassembled the shop vac the other day to relieve it from a bunny-fur-inflicted malady, and that was more difficult. :) Alternators are easier than cooking.