Sunday, March 01, 2009

Minor culinary modifications

When Laura's out of town, I tend to eat simply. But I also generally avoid pre-packaged meals. So one of my meal archetypes is "packaged food, slightly modified". Tuesday was Vigo black beans and rice, to which I added a pound of turkey sausage (next time, I'm adding lime juice too). Thursday: Kraft mac and cheese, modified with a can of tuna, a can of peas, and some tabasco sauce. This is all pretty basic stuff, quick and easy to prepare and clean up after. And it all seems to make intuitive sense; none of it's too daring. It helps that I've got Laura a phone call away to help me with cooking decisions that require actual taste. Last night I made Vigo red beans and rice and added sauteed chicken breasts. But I had to call Laura for sauteeing advice. Paprika, pepper, and red wine vinegar sounded good, and she agreed. But I need to ask, because apricot preserves and orange juice also sounded good to me.

Tonight, another experimental recipe: chili, but with ground turkey and turkey sausage instead of beef or pork. It's a lot like my Chili With Buffy recipe, with the meat substitution and no green peppers. And no Buffy.

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