Sunday, February 08, 2009

World Marriage Day. Who knew?

So, today's apparently World Marriage Day, a time for all legally-married couples consisting of exactly one man and one woman to celebrate the fact that they were actually allowed to get married. Nice.

I wouldn't have known today was WMD, if we weren't hosting the Indiana WMD celebration at work. It was a time of much cake and punch, a little ballet, some Native American courting-flute music, a little couples' yoga, and an inordinate amount of prayer. Though I'm an extremely married guy, I found I couldn't relate to much of the festivities. For one thing, many of the people who spoke today seemed to believe that marriage is some grand chore, laden with strife and trauma -- that marriage is something that must be endured. I don't get this. While it does take occasional work on Laura's part and my part, our marriage is actually a lot of fun. I enjoy every day with Laura, and we share wonderful times on a daily basis. Our marriage is one of companionship and romance, caring and respect, and a whole host of little thoughtful things we do for each other on a daily basis.

So I'm taking the occasion of World Marriage Day to think happy thoughts about my wife and reflect on our relationship and our life together. And I like what I see.

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laura said...

thanks, baby for all of your comments on our are my best friend, companion and wonderful lover!

i love you with all my heart, body and soul..