Saturday, February 14, 2009

A working Valentine's Day

Laura and I unofficially celebrated Valentine's Day on Wednesday; we went out for a nice dinner at Scholar's Inn, then found out the Pretenders concert for which we had tickets, was canceled. So the dinner-and-a-show date was a miss, but still a good evening. Today, for V-Day, we're working conflicting schedules; I'm at the Artsgarden 11am - 4pm, and she's with the Butler Ballet from 6pm until late. Normally this would mean that we won't see each other all day, but because it's the holiday of love and romance, we decided to spend the day together anyway. She went to work with me and watched the Brenda Williams show at the Artsgarden, then we went out for a very late lunch/very early dinner, and now we're heading to Butler so I can see her show. So we get to go to work, and still spend the day together being cute and romantic. Nice!

Happy Valentine's Day, all. Enjoy!

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Aunt Teri said...

That is really sweet.