Wednesday, February 18, 2009

We're Fixing My Car!

After over two years of being a one-vehicle household, we're finally getting my Saturn fixed! Woo hoo! I have to confess, the fact that I'm about to bike home in the dark, in the sleet, with 20-30mph winds, is a not-insignificant part of my joy at the thought of having a car. But it'll also be nice having another vehicle. I dig the bike, but it's the wrong vehicle for picking up cat food or making trips to the hardware store.

The sad fact is that, even when we get the Saturn back from the repair shop (two weeks from now), we still won't have a really reliable vehicle. The Saturn has sat un-driven for two years, and will probably have other problems than just the transmission repair that originally put it out of comission. And the Jeep, a make not known for being mechanically sound, turns twelve this year. It's hitting the age where it's needed major, expensive repairs after 2/3 of its longish trips in the last few years. So we might be keeping the Saturn primarily as a down payment for a cheap, reliable small car in a year or two. Ads for car dealerships are sounding more and more desperate these days; I'm curious to see what we'll get as a trade-in on the Saturn.

But, in the short term, I'm getting my car back! Woo hoo again!

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Tyra Shortino said...

I know how relieving it is to get your car back after such a long time. I suppose it came from a repair shop, right? Well, it’s good that you still had two vehicles to depend on. In any case, age isn’t a matter with cars as long as you keep them well maintained. Bringing them to a car restoration shop would be a good idea. Are you still using both your Saturn and your jeep?