Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Valentine's Day Tree

I feel a bit bad admitting this, but Laura and I took down our Christmas New Year's MLK Day Groundhog Day Valentine's Day tree yesterday. Yes, it's possible we're the last people in the greater Indianapolis area to take down our live Christmas tree. We normally take our tree down in early January and mulch it for the garden, but this year it stayed up through several more holidays than the usual Christmas and New Year's Day. But, in our defense, it was a live tree. Our plan was always to take it down as soon as it stopped drinking and started drying out, before it became a mess and/or fire hazard. And it was still lush and green and healthy until Wednesday, at which point the level in the water bowl stopped going down. We would've felt bad taking it down while it still had some life left in it, so we let it stay up and brighten our living room until it was necessary.

I have no idea how we managed to keep a live tree in such good shape for so long. I hear all kind of folk wisdom about keeping trees around longer; the big one is to put sugar in the water when you water the tree. We didn't do this. Ditto adding lemon juice, scoring the tree's base, or any of the other apocryphal tree-preservation tricks. All we did was water it with warm water, which can't make too much difference. But it was nice having it around a bit longer than normal.

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