Friday, February 06, 2009

Tech problem: solved!

I've had a problem with my laptop for a month. It'll say it's connected to the wi-fi, and reads as having "excellent" connection strength. But it won't let me connect to the internet. I've tried restarting, hardware checks, driver updates -- the works. But the problem persisted. Worse (at least from a troubleshooting standpoint), the problem is intermittent. Sometimes it'll work, and sometimes it won't; when I took the laptop into the studio while I was downloading drivers and checking an online troubleshooting guide, I couldn't replicate the problem. On the bright side, it reduced my potential distraction set while I'm trying to write. On the down side, it had become increasingly irritating; I was unable to check mail or blog or look up words or grammar online. I was even debating (in the sense of daydreaming, with the knowledge that we can't afford it) getting a new laptop.

Turns out I solved the problem: I moved to the other end of the couch. The left side of the upstairs sofa is, apparently, a wi-fi dead zone. Shifting my buns by five feet, and the laptop by about two feet, made all the difference. It's a buggy connection here, but it works. And, if I move the laptop another foot (by sitting with my feet on the floor, instead of sideways on the couch), everything works perfectly. I'm happy it was such an easy fix. On the other hand, I liked the other side of the couch better; the light was better. And I feel a bit dull for having spent so much time being irritated with my laptop, and so much time trying to fix it, for such a silly problem....

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