Tuesday, February 17, 2009

quick thoughts on some new stuff at work

We've recently acquired a nice washer/dryer at the Artsgarden. It's one of those cool all-in-one units that washes and dries. It was a bit expensive, but it perfectly met our needs: it doesn't need a dryer vent, it runs on a 20-amp circuit, it uses minimal water, and it fits in the space we have. We bought it so we could wash our tablecloths and pipe-and-drape drapes, and it's a huge improvement over our previous system, which consisted of the Artsgarden staff taking turns schlepping them home a few at a time, washing them, and bringing them back. The washer/dryer works great (though it takes almost five hours to wash and dry a load). And we've noticed that having laundry capability has substantially raised our cleanliness standards. A tablecloth had to be almost filthy/dirty before we're willing to drag it home and wash it. But now that we've got our own mini-laundromat in the basement, a few smashed cookie crumbs or a bit of spilled punch is all it takes to land linens in the washing machine.

We also replaced our old artwork display cases with new ones which are remarkably similar, but with working casters, scratch-free doors, and chip-free exteriors. They're not see-through, so you can't see the backs of the artwork from the other side of the case; artistic people dig this feature. The cases are new and shiny and bright white, and they look great. We know they won't stay that way forever, but I've got a goal: I don't want to be the first person to scratch one or take a chip out of the finish. I know it'll happen eventually, I just don't want it to be my fault the first time it happens.


David said...

We had a combo washer/dryer in our first flat here in London, they're more common here because people tend to have limited space. We thought it was great at first, but although it washed fine it took so long to dry that we ended up hanging our laundry out rather than waiting around and listening to the machine for hours...cheaper that way, too. Now we just have a washing machine, no dryer at all. So, no change there.

Jeff Mountjoy said...

The almost five-hour wash/dry cycle time isn't a problem for us; we throw a load in when we get to work in the morning, then I fold it after our afternoon performance and start another load if needed. But, yeah -- for home use, it'd get a bit slow. It also doesn't seem to dry things extremely dry, either.

I thought you had an apartment -- oops, I mean "flat" (British English: strange). Where do you dry clothes? Got a clothesline draped around the living room or something?

In our basement at home, I've got damp clothes on hangers, hanging from exposed plumbing and wiring in the unfinished ceiling; after a few minutes in the dryer, I finish by air drying everything. They say that the last ten minutes of drying accounts for half of the wear and tear on clothes. I probably agree, based on how little I get in the dryer's lint filter if I don't dry things all the way....