Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Nu Kitteh: Bowie

We've recruited another cat into the house. Or, more accurately, an illegal-immigrant cat who kept sneaking across our poorly-guarded border has been granted resident status. Her name's Bowie, named after David because her eyes don't match. She loves being picked up and held. And she's a good lap cat, better for task-oriented laps than any of our other cats. She's completely content to just curl up and purr; she doesn't feel the need to squirm her way under your hands while you're trying to type or read.

On the down side, she pushes our indoor-cat count to five, which breaks our original cats-to-humans ratio limit, but we're happy with her. Five has to be our hard limit, though -- we're already on the verge of being Crazy Cat People....

Here's Bowie, in Laura's arms:

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