Monday, February 16, 2009

Lost Years

I heard from someone on Facebook a few days ago, one of my classmates from Holy Spirit School, where I attended through 8th grade. They're apparently getting a Facebook group together of Holy Spirit grads. I thought about it for a brief moment before I decided I'm not interested. The big reason I'm not doing it is that I realized I have no memories of going to Holy Spirit.

None at all.

I have no explanation for this, but it's true. When I got the message, I spent a few minutes trying to remember who this person was, and I got nothing. Then I tried to remember any of my other classmates, and I couldn't remember anyone. The closest I could come was remembering a guy I went to school with who was a radio personality in town, but I remember him from the radio, not from school. I can't remember any moments in school or about school or involving any of those people in any way. And those years aren't a complete blank; I remember family moments and summer camps and times with non-Holy-Spirit friends. But I have no recollections of any kind involving Holy Spirit or any of the people there. I even tried looking up some names, but none of the names or faces were familiar.

I'm a bit curious about this gaping hole in my memory. I don't think I'm repressing anything in particular; it's an entire school career missing, not just a day or an event. I was the skinny asthmatic kid who didn't play any sports, which is probably even less socially fun at a Catholic school than at a public school. But social misery is fairly common, and not a reason to completely blank out years of school. I have no explanation for the memory chasm. And I didn't realize this chunk of time was even missing until I heard from one of my classmates whose name didn't sound even vaguely familiar. It makes me wonder what else I might be missing....

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