Friday, February 13, 2009

A Bad Use Of My Time

I just looked at the movie schedule and saw five movies showing that, when I first saw the trailers, I said, "I should see that on the big screen!" They all start roughly when I get off work, I have no concrete plans for this evening, and Laura's working. And I realized that now that they're showing, I'm not interested enough to make the short trip upstairs to actually watch them. I'm not sure why they don't seem worth the trouble. I'm going to claim that it's probably not low-grade seasonal depression; I think it's that I'm acutely aware of spending money these days, and even more aware of wasting time. And watching a movie by myself seems like a poor use of limited free time. I should be writing, or doing housework, or cleaning up the yard and garden after Wednesday's wind storm, or any of a huge list of things that seem like a better use of time than soloing a movie.

I could easily justify watching a movie with someone else, of course. I have no problem justifying social time. But watching a movie alone feels like squandering precious seconds....

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