Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thwarted by ice

I'm having a bad ice day. It's like a bad hair day, but with more hammering. Bad ice moment the first: the sliding gate wouldn't open this morning. It travels along the east garage wall when it moves, but a three-foot snowdrift was banked against the wall. And, worse, the snow on the roof had melted and dripped onto the snow, creating an inch-thick layer of ice. I had to use a crowbar and a trenching spade to break up the ice; I ended up getting to work an hour late. The low-grade irony is that the Jeep is one of the few vehicles that can easily manage the foot of snow in the back alley, but it took me an hour to get the Jeep out the gate into the thick snow.

Bad ice moment the second: when I got home, I couldn't open the back door. This time, snow on the house roof had melted and formed into a solid sheet on the back porch. And the ice was so thick that the door wouldn't clear it. Following some more frenetic whacking with the crowbar, I eventually got inside.

I wonder if the rule of three applies to ice. Should I be on the lookout for another minor ice-related trauma? Maybe I should keep the crowbar handy, just in case....

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