Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow, snow, snow!

The city of Indianapolis is mostly shut down today because of the 12" of snow that's fallen in the last 16 hours. I was already taking today off, so it's no real change for me -- other than the shoveling. And I shovel a lot. From 10pm to midnight last night, I shoveled our shuffleboard court and back deck, the front walk, the front walks of four neighbors, and about 200' of sidewalk. At the risk of sounding freakish, I really like shoveling snow. It's a nice little thing to do for the neighbors, and it speaks to the type-A part of my brain that likes right angles and things in neat rows. And, shoveling helps me rationalize not exercising for the day. Because, really, two hours of shoveling snow last night, and another 45 minutes this morning, really does feel like exercise.

And, I shoveled kitty paths. Our outside cats mostly live in the garage, but they might have been stuck there; the snow was covering the hole by which they usually come and go. So I cleared their entrance and shoveled a path to the walk, and shoveled paths for most of the other places they go on a regular basis. The outside cats are still staying scarce, hopefully snuggled in a cute little kitty pile staying warm and dry.

So, if you're here in central Indiana thru western Ohio, enjoy your snow day. Stay safe, stay warm, and spend some unscheduled time doing something you enjoy.

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