Thursday, January 01, 2009

The right way to start a new year

I believe in the concept of personal momentum -- that getting started is much harder than maintaining the pace, and that building or changing a habit takes orders of magnitude more energy than keeping a habit. With that in mind, Laura got our new year off to a good start. We cleaned out and organized our kitchen cabinets, threw away a lot of stuff that was old or expired or that we'd never use, and put everything where we could find it easily. Nothing is stuffed, crammed, or packed in our cabinets now. We had gotten in the habit of keeping a messy kitchen, and we're now officially neat and organized. And, once we're here, it's much easier to keep things straightened.

When we finished that, I cleaned up some of my crap around the house as well. I've had a subscription to Men's Health for thirteen years, and I've saved all of my back issues. Why would I ever throw them away, when they're so full of exercises and health tips and fun stories? Anytime I wanted to, I could flip through and be informed and entertained. Problem is, I never actually do it. I've got a sufficient mental list of exercises (plus the insane Workout of the Day from the CrossFit maniacs) to keep myself in shape, we've got an entire bookcase full of healthy recipes, and I'm extremely not the target market for "Better Sex Right This Very Second!"-style advice (though MH does have a fun online sexual-position roulette wheel). Also, it's extremely unlikely that I'll ever feel the need to refer again to any of the articles; I haven't read a back issue in years, and I keep getting busier. I can't see myself suddenly acquiring enough free time that I'll start looking through old magazines to occupy myself. They clutter up my bookshelf, litter the floor of the studio, and occupy mental and physical space that I'd like to have free. So I bagged them all up, and they go to recycling the next time we make a trip. It felt really liberating, getting rid of this pile of magazines I've been schlepping around and living with for fourteen years. I still get Men's Health, and I enjoy reading it. But I'm no longer feeling the need to archive them when I'm done with them.

And, in the interest of building momentum, I spent a few hours writing! Go, me!

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