Saturday, January 10, 2009

Random Movie Thoughts

I checked the movie schedule, and there's nothing I'm interested in seeing. Laura and I caught The Day the Earth Stood Still while we were Christmas shopping, but that's the only movie we've seen for months. There's just not much that we're interested in, or at least nothing that looks like we need to see it on the big screen. Since movies are on my mind, here are a few random movie-oriented thoughts:
  • I think I figured out what genre Bride Wars belongs to: torture porn. We watched the trailer, and it seems that the movie focuses on the misery created by whacking people in their soft spots. The whacking happens with hair dye and dress sabotage, rather than ball-peen hammers; it's intended to be funny, rather than shocking. But I've hit a point where sadism has lost its entertainment value, whether it's supposed to be funny or grisly and shocking.
  • Best movie review ever: Roger Ebert slamming Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo.
  • Also good: the capsule reviews slamming the live-action Cat in the Hat. Start reading at the bottom of the page, and work your way up. My favorite: "Such a remarkable rift between its charming source material and its heinous cinematic realization that the producers may as well have skipped the hassle of securing licensing rights and simply called this mess Mike Myers: A--hole in Fur."
  • I'm really curious to see Taken. It looks a lot like a standard badass-dude revenge flick, as forgettable as the rest -- but it's a Luc Besson product. Everything I've ever seen with his name on it has been, at the very least, entertaining. Banlieue 13 might be my favorite extremely obscure action movie, and The Fifth Element might be the movie I saw most on the big screen. He even had an uncredited producer's role with Ong Bak: the Thai Warrior, my other favorite extremely obscure action movie.
  • Speaking of obscure movies and Luc Besson: I want to see Wasabi. It's got a lot going for it: the tagline is " Quite Possibly The Greatest French-Language, English-Subtitled, Japanese Action-Comedy Of All Time"; stars Jean Reno, one of my favorite actors; also stars Carole Bouquet, who was one of my favorite Bond girls (For Your Eyes Only).
  • Obscure movie trivia: Luke Skywalker was originally named "Luke Starkiller".
That's all I've got, movie-wise....

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Free Games said...

Bride Wars is the kind of movie I'm never going to see! I simply refuse to!