Thursday, January 15, 2009

Quick Toy Update

For the first time in years, Apple is actually telling you the battery life of one of its laptops! Of course, I'm extremely not in the market for a $2800 laptop. But battery life is the second most important feature I would look for in a laptop, after a comfy keyboard. 8 hours would be nice, and close to quadruple the battery life of my current old laptop.

Still daydreaming intermittently about netbooks. Again, I'm not going to buy one any time this decade. But that doesn't stop me checking them out. I wish I could get my hands on the Dell Mini 9; they look nice on paper, but you can never tell if it's got some irritating design flaw (like the up-arrow key being where the right shift key should be on Asus netbooks; every time you type a left-hand capital letter, you end up one line above, typing in the middle of a word) until you try it in person. But I did try out the HP Mini 1000, and it was pretty nice. And Acer's Aspire One also seems pretty cool in person. Ahh, daydreaming -- fun, if ultimately a little frustrating.

Side note: I'm developing a pet peeve about web pages that play irritating music or sounds (defined as "any music or sounds of any kind") when they load. Acer does this, and believe me, the hip-esque midi jazz doesn't put me in a buying mood. It makes me want to go to a different website.

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