Thursday, January 08, 2009

Cold. Brr.

It's freezing in the Artsgarden. Not literally freezing; our pipes aren't bursting, or anything traumatic. But it's cold. I'm wearing exactly the same clothes inside that I do outside; I don't remove any layers when I go from the sub-freezing temperature outside to the chill of the Artsgarden. Early in the mornings, you can even see your breath inside. And the temperature never gets above 61 degrees, from a normal low of 55 or so (and a record low of 48). We've even apparently gotten a reputation for being cold. We had a pianist perform yesterday, and when he told a friend where he was playing, the friend said, "isn't it too cold in there to play a piano?" And he's right; it's not good for our concert grand Steinway to be in here. A month ago, we had a guitarist who was dipping his fingers in his coffee to warm them up between songs. This is bad.

[Hey, it's amazing how many people read this. Snarky comments redacted.]

I know I'm just whining. But I'm chilly and therefore a bit grouchy.


Update 1-10-09: it's nice and warm in here today! Yesterday, it started getting warm; it's now 65 degrees in here. Apparently, the mall guys fixed whatever was wrong; thanks, Circle Centre!

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Ted said...

So you complained about the cold here, someone important read the post, and the next day it was warm for the first time in months? Looks like you learned a new trick here. Keep this in mind if these guys ever start BS-ing you again!