Thursday, January 15, 2009

Big Ol' Wimp

In case anyone was wondering if I rode my bike to work this morning in the sub-zero temperatures (with the -20 windchill): no. I wussed out at the last minute. I stood on the back porch this morning, watching the outside kitties eat and making sure they were all healthy and not frozen, and felt the wind blow right through my three layers. I did the math and figured that exposed skin would be frostbitten in under five minutes, then did more math and figured out that, with a headwind, the windchill factor on the bike would be close to -30. I remembered how cold my face was on the ride home the night before, when it was twenty degrees warmer. And I went back inside, changed out of my bike clothes, and rode downtown with Laura in the Jeep.

This is the first time this year, and maybe the first time ever, that I've foregone a bike ride because of the cold. So I don't feel too bad.

It just occurred to me that there's another reason it's a good thing I didn't ride the bike: we had a pipe freeze and burst at work today, and the green room and our offices were flooded. I did much mopping and cleaning, and I got wet in the process, so I would've ridden home with wet feet. On the plus side, after a few blocks, the outer layer of my boots would've frozen to solid ice, which would protect my feet from the wind....

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