Thursday, December 11, 2008

What I Do At Work -- who knows?

We just found out that I don't have an actual written job description at work. My vague non-written job description is also my de-facto job title, Tech Guy, but there's no formal list of duties anywhere. This is nice; it means that, whatever I do, there's a chance that it might be my job. Doing the Booty Dance? Might be my job. Eating Cinnabons? Might be my job. Practicing curling with the planters in the Artsgarden? Difficult to prove that it's not my job. I wish I would've known this earlier; I could've taken advantage.

But it's too late, because I now have an official job description. I just wrote it, because it needed to go in a presentation to the board of directors. The job description took about ten minutes to write and another two minutes to edit. And the editing was important; amongst other things, I struck the phrase, "moves heavy objects with great alacrity" and elimated the multiple appearances of the verb "to schlep". And I'm never sure if board members actually read these things, but I didn't want to press my luck by having my job description include things like "band wrangler" and "chorale corraler".

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