Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Oddly safer than I expected.

So, I biked home in the freezing rain and sleet last night. Which was no fun, to be sure, but was actually much better than I expected. For one thing, the bicycle handled the ice pretty well. It turns out, as long as you're moving in a straight line, you're a lot more stable on a bike than walking. Unless you try to turn, wheels don't need much traction to function, and your stability on a bike comes from your movement. And, traffic was light enough that I could spend most of the ride on the roads, which had mostly been salted. And I only once had to dodge an SUV that tried to run me into a parked car. So, yeah -- the ride sucked. But much less than I expected it to, and much less than it could have.

I had a first, though -- I had freezing rain form into ice on my glasses. It was creepy. I thought it was just mist until I tried to wipe it off and realized it was one with the lenses. I ended up riding home without my glasses. I couldn't see anything through the slowly thickening ice sheet, and even as bad as my non-glasses vision is, it was much better than trying to see through the ice.

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