Saturday, December 06, 2008

dreading the bike ride

So, I've been off of the bike since Thanksgiving -- Laura's been on tour, so I've had the Jeep at my disposal. It's been nice, being able to arrive at work warm, dry, and relatively quickly. And it's also nice being able to stop on the way home and pick up cat litter, instead of having to schedule that kind of heavy-objects shopping trip for when Laura's not using the Jeep.

Tonight, sometime between 1am and 2am, I hop back on the bike for what seems like the first time in a long while. And it's almost the worst-case scenario ride: late, cold, windy, slushy, and occasionally icy. Plus, the roads are slick for the first time this year, which means that people in cars are driving a bit like idiots, especially the less-sober ones who are likely to be on the roads with me in the wee hours. I'm extremely not looking forward to it. I'm not dreading it so much that I'm willing to call Laura and get her out of bed so she can drive downtown and pick me up, but it's the first time in a while that I find myself wishing I had a car....


Update: I'm about to hop on the bike, and it's 20 degrees. Wind gusts to 20mph make the windchill factor 4 degrees. And if it's a headwind, that drops to below zero. Did I mention I'm not looking forward to this?

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