Monday, November 03, 2008

Screwing with ballots

I had an interesting conversation with co-workers last week. They all voted early, because they wanted to make sure no shenanigans happened on election day. I mentioned that, if I were in charge of getting McCain elected in a swing state, early votes would be how I'd start. Anecdotally, early voters are heavily Obama voters, and in a close race, the margin of victory will be smaller than the number of early ballots. The brilliant thing is, you don't even need to invalidate them -- just get them questioned long enough for Obama to concede. Once that happens, it doesn't matter who actually voted for whom. I'd screw with chain of custody, or question the legality of some of the registrations, or any dirty trick I could think of to keep the early votes provisional or under question.

One of my co-workers said, "wow, you've obviously thought about this a lot." Actually, I haven't; that's all improvisation. I'm a little scared of the people whose job it is to put McCain in office, and who have thought about it a lot more than I have.

And, the other thing that worries me a bit this election. It's hard to say it better than GraphJam did:
Seriously, I'm surprised more people aren't worried about this kind of fraud or corruption....

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