Sunday, November 16, 2008


Shortly before Halloween, YA author Lauren Myracle challenged a dozen of her fellow YA authors to a scare-a-thon. They all had to face a fear, in a documented way. The highlight of this contest was Scott Westerfeld, facing his Greatest Fear. You so need to watch this video. If you're as amused as I was, you should then read everything he ever wrote. Really -- if you're in the mood for a good YA sci-fi story, you can't go wrong with his Uglies trilogy, and his Peeps is one of the best YA vampire novel I've ever seen. Peeps actually features intelligent characters; you never want to smack the crap out of any of them, which puts it light-years ahead of that other YA vampire series that's been big news lately.

And, yes, if it's not obvious -- I'm reading author blogs tonight, instead of trying to hack my way through my latest novel boondoggle. I'm bad.

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