Friday, November 21, 2008

The decreasing intoxication, very odd.

My strange observation for the day: I'm working the only party I can remember at which the crowd as a whole is getting less drunk as the evening goes on. It's a sorority dance, and everyone showed up hammered. Really -- we had two people puke in the first twenty minutes. They must have spent the entire bus ride here slamming tequila shooters or something. But then they got here and ate a big dinner, and the bar here refuses to serve the under-21 people. So the younger ones are steadily getting more sober as time passes. And those of age aren't getting any more wasted than they were when they arrived; the worst of them are merely maintaining.

Highlight of the evening: watching 160 drunken sorority girls and their drunken dates, all trying to do the Thriller dance in sync. It was a moment of much comedy.

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