Saturday, November 15, 2008

Back to the exercising

I somehow hurt my shoulder a few weeks ago. I really don't know how; I don't think it was this, since the hurting started two days later. But it's kept me from exercising for too long, and I'm starting to feel like a slug (an energetic bicycling slug, but still...). Whenever I get a joint or back injury, I follow the reasonable-sounding advice I got from a chiropractor a few years ago: wait until it stops hurting. Then, however long that took, wait twice that much longer before you stress it, to keep from re-injuring it again. Just because a joint injury stops hurting, doesn't mean it's really healed.

Today was my first day back exercising. If I had a choice, I'd be doing the CrossFit Workout Of the Day. But it's not an option, for two reasons. The first is that a lot of them require equipment I don't have (olympic weights and high ceilings, most significantly), and the closest appropriately-equipped gym is seven miles out of my way and costs more to join than I'm willing to spend for inconveniently-timed classes. The second reason is, these CrossFit people are all absolutely, completely insane. I say this with much respect. I'm in pretty good shape, and it's a rare CrossFit WOD that I'd actually be able to finish. For instance, Monday's workout:
Five rounds for time of:
25 Inverted Burpees
25 Pull-ups
25 Burpees
You should check the link to see what an inverted burpee is. A total of 125 of these, 125 pull-ups, and 125 burpees is a bit beyond my current fitness level, unless I'm making it a long-term project (which would make the "post time to comments" interesting; I'd be the only guy whose time was measured in days). Even when I was 35 pounds lighter and rock climbing a lot, I was barely doing pull-ups in sets of 25, and now I'm doing -- ahem -- significantly fewer.

So instead, I'm trying to modify the exercises to something I can actually do in a reasonable time, while maintaining the CrossFit philosophy (roughly, "do a set of several diverse, hard exercises, as fast as you can. Repeat until miserable. Repeat again."). And, I limit myself to half an hour. That, plus the average of 40 bike minutes a day, seems like it should be adequate to keep me in shape. Today's workout: three sets of 12 pull-ups, 10 handstand push-ups, and 40 squats, and this felt like plenty. Maybe I'll eventually be in good enough shape to do the real workouts....

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