Thursday, November 06, 2008

And, one last election thought for the year

Here's an election result I have utterly no explanation for. Looking at the returns, I was shocked to see that in our local race for county coroner, John Pless lost to Frank Lloyd, taking only 40% of the votes. This amazes me. Party politics aside, Pless was extremely more qualified. I have no idea how any voter could look at the candidates and issues and decide that Lloyd was a better man for the job. It's giving me fits of random italics.

And, only 132,000 people voted straight-party Democrat. Lloyd got over 200,000 votes; this means over 70,000 people deliberately voted for Lloyd, rather than just pulling the party lever and letting it ride. I mean, really -- the differences between the two candidates' qualifications was extreme. It's the equivalent of choosing a phlebotomist as your primary physician, when your other option is the chief of surgery at a major hospital....

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