Saturday, October 18, 2008

Poorly marketing your EeePC

Laura and I just came from Target, where we spent too much money as usual. One thing we didn't buy: an Eee PC. They're now selling them at Target, and this is the first time I've seen one up close. But I really have no idea if I'd like one. I could look at them, but they screwed a plexiglas plate over the keyboard to, I don't know, keep people from spilling stuff on the non-functioning demo model or something. The two apparent problems with subnotebooks are the small displays and the small keyboards. By not letting people try the keyboard, they're probably hurting their sales quite a bit. We've temporarily got extra cash (our government rebate checks came Friday!), and I might have bought one if I liked it and thought I could type comfortably on it. But they went out of their way to render their non-functioning demo models an non-functional as possible, so I really have no idea if I can use the keyboard or not.

Any thoughts on subnotebooks? I keep looking at them, and I'd like something small and portable to write on. But I'm not sure how functional they are. For me, they tend towards the "nice toy I'll never actually buy" category. But I'd really like to try one out, and fast -- before we spend our tax rebate check on something silly like bills.

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Anonymous said...

I assume you want to use it for writing. You should know there's a good chance you'll grow to hate the tiny keyboard unless you have small hands. You can always get a USB keyboard, but you're suddenly no longer as portable.