Sunday, October 12, 2008

My Wife Rocks, reason #332,015

Actual conversation this morning, while I was cooking breakfast in the kitchen and Laura was reading the paper at the table:

Jeff: I'm adding cheese, salt, and pepper to the eggs; want anything else?
Laura: Maybe some thyme.
J: Hmm. I can never find the thyme.
L: Thyme is on your side, on the spice rack by the coffee maker.
J: Uh, the jars are unlabeled.
L: It's on the top shelf -- you know, it's high thyme.
J: In the spice grinder?
L: No, then the grinder would be a thyme machine. It's in the skinny ceramic jars.
J: Wow, both jars are full. It looks like we've got spare thyme.
L: It's from the herb garden; if you can't find thyme, you've got to make thyme.
J: So, it was free thyme?
L: But I planted too much, so it's overthyme.
J: ... Okay, we've got to stop this now.
L: Spoilsport.


David L said...

I miss you guys. :-)

Jennifer B. said...

That's awesome! You're right, your wife DOES rock! :) :) :)