Thursday, October 09, 2008

More long hours

While this week at work isn't as bad as the week before, it's still pretty time-intensive. We're finally replacing the broken glass in the Artsgarden, and it's taking a lot longer than expected. The original plan was to replace all three windows on Monday, but we figured out pretty quickly that it would take a day per window. Our contractor did the first window Monday morning and afternoon, and in the evening we had an event. Tuesday they replaced another window, we had a performance, and we also had a dinner. Wednesday, an all-day event. Today, the last window and a performance. Busy times. Tomorrow's schedule, just a performance, will practically seem like a day off. It'll be nice to be able to spend some time at my desk; I went two days without even checking e-mail this week....

I'm also picking up a pair of twelve-hour days on Sunday and Monday at the Indiana Repertory Theatre, under my principle of turning down no paid work. I'm recently feeling the crush of too much time working and not enough time to write, but I don't get that many calls for side jobs, so I'm taking the IRT gig. The Monday call is Dance Kaleidoscope's load-in, which means I'll be working with Laura. Or, at least in the same building as Laura. It's always fun doing a gig with my Cute Blonde Wife around; that's how we met, with me on a Genie lift focusing lights, and her walking around on stage directing me. So it's nice reliving a bit of those days by working together in a theater.

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