Monday, October 06, 2008

The Luddite Weekend

Without doing it on purpose, I just had a Luddite Weekend. From the time I left work Friday until just a few minutes ago, I've had no internet access: no blogs, no webcomics, no Gmail. I'd like to say I spent the time being amazingly productive, getting stuff done around the house and around the yard, but nope -- didn't happen. I wasn't exactly slothful; Laura and I had a date on Saturday, and I spent Sunday with Laura at Wabash College where she's lighting a production of Nikolai Gogol's The Government Inspector. But I was never anywhere with a computer, internet access, and free time. I occasionally had two of the three, but never all three at once, so my weekend was completely computerless. And, this is the first chance I've had today to sit down at a computer. I spent twelve hours at work, but I spent all of it doing actual work of the moving things and running shows variety, and none of it answering e-mail and checking voice mail.

The date was great, by the way. We had dinner at Some Guys Pizza; they serve lasagna the first weekend of every month, and it's probably the best lasagna you can buy at a restaurant. Unless we've got some serious reason why we can't, we try to hit Some Guys for lasagna weekend every month. And, the show: Phoenix Theatre's production of David Mamet's November. It was a good production, and Chuck Goad was excellent as the President. It's an oddly political play. That is, I suspect that it mimics the political views of the viewer; I thought it was making fun of George a bit, but I could see a hardcore conservative thinking it was mocking Clinton. The run's been extended a week, so check it out if you get a chance.

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