Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Deep Thought

This just occurred to me while walking around downtown today: we've crossed a line culturally where we can't be 100% sure if someone's wearing a costume. I walked by a young lady wearing spiderweb tights, combat boots, and a crushed-velvet dress, and I really couldn't tell if she was in costume, or if she usually dresses that way. And I passed an older woman wearing a bright-orange sweatshirt with jack-o' lantern markings. Her make-up was severe: harsh, high painted-on eyebrows, garish rouge and lipstick. And I couldn't tell if she was trying to match the jack-o' lantern face, or if she always did her makeup like that. A guy was dressed like early-80s Sid Vicious, and only the facial piercings marked it as a lifestyle choice, rather than Halloween fashion. Not counting the costume-shop employees (who weren't so much in costume as in uniform), I didn't pass by one person who was clearly, incontrovertibly in costume. Maybe half a dozen people were in the grey area, though....

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