Tuesday, October 14, 2008

And, reducing your taxes

I just mentioned that anyone who uses any of the above campaign ads is trying to manipulate you to get your vote. This even applies to the "reduce your taxes" ad. This especially applies to the "reduce your taxes" ad, really. You elect people to handle the business of government, and that requires money. Anyone who tells you they can address the growing number of important issues (especially the national debt) while simultaneously telling you they can do it for less money is full of crap; they're just saying what they think you want to hear, so they can get your vote, land in office, and do what they think needs to be done. So don't vote for anyone based on how much money they promise to save you. Vote based on the "what they think needs to be done" part, because nobody will be able to reduce your taxes. We've got more debt as a nation than we can possibly pay off in my lifetime, and nobody's got a plan for dealing with this. Everyone's promising to do more with government for less money, and this just can't happen. So instead, focus on the other issues. Because this one is a dead end, existing only for campaign promises.

Actually, I've got a solution for the national debt. Facts: first, we've heard a lot in the news about how much of our debt is held by foreign governments that aren't necessarily friendly to us. Second, we've got a President who's proven over and over that he couldn't care less what the international community thinks of us. Third, said President is itching for a real legacy to leave behind; Iraq, Afghanistan, Gitmo, and the Patriot Act aren't going to win him many kudos in the history books. So, hey George W.: nationalize all of our foreign debt! Just write a nice letter saying, "sorry, China. I know we supposedly owe you three trillion dollars, but we're just not ever going to pay it. Deal with it." And, the best part is, George could do this. It's an "only Nixon could go to China" thing; only George could credibly send the rest of the world a big "screw you!", because he's been doing it for years anyway. Seriously-- this could work!

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