Friday, September 26, 2008

Working Too Much (again)

I'm in the middle of One Of Those Weeks. I worked 12 hours Tuesday, 18 hours Wednesday, normal days yesterday and today, and I'll be working a 14 on Saturday. I'm noticing that I'm not as good at this as I used to be; long days didn't bother me when I was in my twenties, but now I'm feeling a bit wiped out already. I'm planning on going home after work and doing nothing other than napping and sleeping; I might not even read.

I think part of my lack of coping skills with long days might have something to do with being on salary. When I was paid hourly, I at least had the comfort that my extreme overwork would land me a big fat stack of cash on payday. Now, I semi-regularly pull long days or long weeks for which I get no real compensation at all. I get home too tired to write, too late to work in the garden, sometimes (like today) without even the minimal amount of mental energy required to read a damn book, and my paycheck doesn't change at all. I theoretically get comp time, but realistically, when will I ever get the chance to take an extra 20 hours off to make up for this week? As it is, I only got one day off last week, because there's too much going on and my part-time help has odd availability. Realistically, the comp time's just gone. Coupled with the fact that I never take much of my vacation or sick time anyway, I get the short end of this deal.

I know I'm conflating two issues here a bit: working so much that I'm too tired to do anything else, and working extra hours without compensation. If I got paid an extra 40 hours to make up for my extra time worked this week and last, I'd presumably still be tired. But I'd definitely be less grouchy....

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