Thursday, September 18, 2008

Too Much Metallica

Here comes some grousing, be prepared. If it helps, picture me reading it in a nasal, whiny voice; I'll stop after a paragraph, so it'll be over soon.

I'm tired of Metallica. I don't actively hate the band; it's not like they've ever done anything personal to irritate me. But I wish I heard a lot less of them. We've now got an all-Metallica station on XM Radio, which I never listen to, but its presence in the radio spectrum doesn't mean the other rock stations are playing Metallica any less than they were before. I was hoping that a never-ending constant loop of Metallica music would reduce their feculent presence on the rest of the stations, since people who feel like catching some "Enter Sandman" now have their own station; this was wishful thinking. Our XM radios have a neat feature that lets you flag a song (by title or artist) while it's playing, and if that song or artist comes up on another station in the future, it'll automatically jump to it. I wish they offered a matching feature that let you ban music; it would be nice to never hear Metallica on the radio again....

I should note we've also got an AC/DC station on XM, too; I'm perfectly happy to know I can always catch some Angus in the middle of my day if I want.

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