Monday, September 01, 2008

Signs and Portents from Apple

We considered getting Laura an iPod Touch a few weeks ago, so she could check her e-mail on the road without lugging her laptop everywhere. One of the main reasons we didn't: Apple is borderline evil about announcing upgrades and new products. When Laura bought my my iPod Nano for my birthday last year, she bought it on Thursday, gave it to me on Saturday, and the new 2nd-generation Nano (more capacity, shows video, and cheaper) came out Tuesday. And Apple never actually tells you when they're going to do this. Apple's so bad about this, entire web sites have sprung up to warn people unofficially about upcoming new product releases. We hit MacRumors, and they warned us that we were just a few weeks from a new iTouch, just like the old one but cooler, with piles of extra features. The other sign that the iTouch was about to undergo a serious revision: an iTouch is essentially an iPhone, minus the camera, GPS, 3G data network, and phone, but an iTouch is actually selling for $100 more than a comparably-sized iPhone. This means things are about to change in AppleLand. Apple never offers sale prices on anything, and its authorized resellers aren't allowed to discount the retail price either, so they won't put the old iTouch on sale; they'll just keep selling them at the current too-high price until they come out with the new model, which will have its own pricing.

All this is a complicated lead-in to me saying that I want a new iTouch when they come out. They're rumored to have built-in GPS and a camera, and to cost roughly what the current generation of iPod Nanos cost. Cool! Anything that reduces by one the number of gadgets I have to carry around is automatically a good thing....

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Ted said...

You'll notice the other sign that Apple is trying to ditch current model ipod touches. They're what they're giving away for free with their college student promotion. Buy a mac, get a free ipod, and it's an ipod touch. They need to burn through their inventory before the new ones come out!