Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New iPods out today!

Apple just released the new line of iPods today, and I'm cyber-drooling over the new iPod Touch. As predicted, they're bigger and cheaper and come pre-installed with the 2.1 software update and access to the app store. I was also hoping for Bluetooth and a camera, but no luck there. I also expected them to be cheaper; the 8gb iTouch is actually more expensive than the 8gb iPhone. But they're still a shiny kind of cool.

I suspect I wouldn't use a lot of the features of a Touch, though. I like the idea of a portable web browser and text reader, and I'd like a video iPod, but I'm really not interested in a lot of the apps and games that run on a Touch. My ideal is to simplify my life, not add extra crap to it. And a lot of the toys you can find for a Touch and iPhone are exactly that -- toys. And I know I'm happier avoiding anything that gives me so many new interesting ways to waste my time. If it had Bluetooth, I could use it with an external keyboard as a portable text editor, and I could therefore justify it as a writing tool; I'd add it to the pile of other portable writing tools I own but rarely/never use, but it's a good rationalization. So, I'm not planning on getting one anytime in the foreseeable future, but it's a nice toy to look at.

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