Monday, September 22, 2008

Happily married

Laura and I got married seven years ago today! Congratulations, us!

I've been thinking about our wedding a lot recently. We've started doing weddings and receptions at work, and we're turning into a popular venue. So I see a lot of soon-to-be and newly-married people at a pivotal time in their lives. And I'm constantly amazed at how unbalanced or crazy a lot of people are during and after the big event. It all serves as a reminder of how blessed I am to have married Laura. Ours was a low-key event, and our chief goals for the day were to have a good time and to be with our family and friends. We didn't obsess about any details, and every step of the process was actually a lot of fun. Sure, we had some stress -- but it was entirely situational. We got married two weekends after September 11, and we had friends who couldn't come to the wedding because they still weren't flying planes out of their local airports. But it was also good timing; everyone we knew was at least a little shaken up by September 11, and some of our friends were downright traumatized. And getting together for a friendly social event did a lot of people -- us included -- a lot of good. Plus, we really did have a great time.

We're celebrating our anniversary by spending the entire day together, and not doing anything other than being together and enjoying each other's company and talking. No movies, no checking e-mail (this doesn't count; I'm writing this while she's teaching class), not even reading. We might do a picnic lunch in the park where we got married; we might go out for a nice dinner. But we're definitely spending our day together. I'm looking forward to it!

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