Saturday, September 06, 2008

Guy shopping

At work, we end up making a hardware shopping trip every month or two. It's nice having an actual budget for parts and techie-toys; I've worked enough places where it took six weeks and three layers of approval to buy paint, that I appreciate being able to spend money when we need to. Since we've got a bit of extra money in the budget this year, I'm planning on a shopping spree in the near future. I use a lot of my personal tools at work, which means they're not available at home when I want/need to do projects. As much as I'm always happy to have an excuse to do No Work, projects are piling up. And, since my transportation has two wheels and no motor, it's problematic to get tools back and forth when I need them. So I'm buying an identical set of tools and leaving them at work. They'll be official Artsgarden tools; they'll always be here when I need them, so I can leave my personal tools at home.

At first I thought this would be a smallish shopping trip, but now that I'm starting to collect tools to take home, I'm a bit surprised by how many tools I have here, and how many I use on a regular basis. I found that I need to make an actual written list of everything, so I don't forget anything important. And the list is getting long; I'm working on it today, when our evening event isn't keeping me otherwise occupied. I'm in no way complaining here. I get to go shopping with a real budget and buy a large number of nice tools. In previous jobs, when I had no budget and too much bean-counter oversight, I would daydream about this kind of thing. I might even buy really nice tools....

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Clint said...

If/when you finish your list, of arts garden tools, you should post it.