Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fortune smiling on me, a wee tiny bit

We had a wedding at the Artsgarden last weekend, and it was a late one. I ended up finishing around 2:30am, and I was feeling pretty wiped out. The wedding party arrived around 10am to begin assembling the centerpieces and the cake in our green room, and it was pretty constant between then and when I finished. As I wandered downstairs, I was feeling snack-ish, and trying to think of a place on my bike ride home that was open and had something sweet and dessert-oriented. I opened the green room door, and guess what was sitting on the table in front of me:

Yesss! a 25-pound tub of buttercream cake frosting! I didn't eat much, just enough to make myself extremely, extremely happy and to get a bit of a sugar rush for the bicycle ride home. But I'm always happy when I get evidence that the universe hears my little unspoken prayers....

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